Entry #82

Defiance for Madness (TEN YEARS!)

2017-06-23 00:45:00 by ErnestoGod

I can't believe I've been ten years here on Newgrounds. I was planing to upload this song for Madness Day but I'll figure out something else to do for that day. Madness Combat, really means something for me, it's something that I really appreciate since I had 14 years old and helped me, I had fun with it, gave me something to do which was animate (a thing in which I'm REALLY bad at and I accept it) but I had fun, and that means a lot.

Today I'd like to share another important thing for me which is music. I wanted to create a song that would sound as a clasical Madness theme, and a clasical song in the Audio Portal. And I think I got it pretty well, so... hope you enjoy this track! :)


You can listen this song right here:



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2017-07-14 01:28:42

Pasaba solo por nostalgia, me sorprende que estes aca todavia, muy bueno el tema.

... por los viejos recuerdos! :)

(Updated ) ErnestoGod responds:

Daaaayum! al vejez xD los años pasan... :')