Our Last Days on Newgrounds!

2017-03-12 17:32:10 by ErnestoGod

I had pending uploading this album here on Newgrounds, I'm pretty sure most of you don't even give a single fcuk about my stuff but I still enjoy on making music and proyects, this one is my musical solo proyect called Godspawn Reborn this post it's about my last album called Our Last Days and you can listen it for free on SoundCloud, YouTube and now on Newgrounds. Also, download it from free on TwitterFacebook or just go right to this link:



* Info:

Size: 146 MB
Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps / Format: .mp3
Two Sides (Side A & B) / Total Songs: 18

· Setlist:

1. Anthem to the Extinction
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Shards of the Godspawn
4. Apasok
5. Come Alive
6. Remanencia Astral
7. Still...
8. Encephalic Transition
9. Amanecer Nocturno




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2017-03-12 18:29:34

Why do I feel like that title is heavy clickbait?

ErnestoGod responds:

LOL! I didn't realize about it... sorry, that wasn't my intention.


2017-03-12 19:16:11

If you try a clickbait, you did it good, man

ErnestoGod responds:

Again, it wasn't intentional... I didn't even realize about it since now, lol.


2017-03-12 19:44:59

you guys will be missed


2017-03-13 10:19:59

I'm listening to the whole album right now on soundcloud. Sadly i have no account so i can't follow you. But atm i just wanted to say "Sahrds of the Godspawn" is a really good track (imo) ^^! The first one on side A wasn't that impressive bcs it was too abstract to my ears (and i'm listening to Death Grips).

But what i've heared so far is great :)