Annual shitty posting, Happy X-mas to everyone! :)

2016-12-20 13:42:07 by ErnestoGod

I really miss those days where I was uploading every little shit I made here on NG, but life keeps going on... I guess, however, far beyond than that, I'm focused on other things (studies, music, life in general I think...) and I need time to rework all my projects, beside that, I'll take this post to say over all the shitty situation going through my country and the world in general. Was a nice year, most of my goals for this year were accomplished, so, that's quite fine I think.

Now, I'll leave here my favorite work I made this year from my musical project called Godspawn Reborn, it's my last album called Our Last Days and you can listen it for free on SoundCloud & YouTube. Also, download it from free on Twitter, Facebook or just go right to this link:


* Info:

Size: 146 MB
Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps / Format: .mp3
Two Side (Side A & B) / Total Songs: 18

· Setlist:


1. Anthem to the Extinction
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Shards of the Godspawn
4. Apasok
5. Come Alive
6. Remanencia Astral
7. Still...
8. Encephalic Transition
9. Amanecer Nocturno


1. December Winds (Godspawn Remix)
2. Intergalactic Pirate (Godspawn Edit)
3. No Way Out (Godspawn Remix)
4. Opal Heart (ft. Qique Villar)
5. 113 (Godspawn Remix)
6. Tunz! (Krashhouse Remix)
7. ZITABATA (Godspawn Mix)
8. Japan Syndrome (Godspawn Mix)
9. Our Last Days




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2016-12-20 14:36:44

I am so glad ur back :)

ErnestoGod responds:

Thanks! :D It's nice to share something here again.