¡Felices fiestas decembrinas!

2015-12-14 12:37:38 by ErnestoGod

Hi there! I'd like to take the this post to be the last of the year, I'm pretty sure that no one will read this actually but at least I've to write something before the year runs over! haha!

I've been really really busy and totally forgot about all those proyects I had some years ago when I was pro-active to this site, still missing those days and all that people I used to share with and planning collabs and some other ideas. But, as Garrosh Hellscream said: "Times change..." and proyects evolve into new ideas for the future. And one of those ideas (and I have to mention it) is Madness Latino. I'm not pretty sure if I'll keep that proyect as a Madness serie, but I won't definitely let it down. I'm considering pretty hard into a comic serie for ML, but we'll see...

Some other things I have to mention are my lastest submitions and proyects:


Kings of Hearts is just a lyric video I did work for a college class work, and Anthem to the Extinction is a single that will be the overture song for my next album as my musical proyect, Godspawn Reborn. So, please follow me on my other nets in Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud! ;)



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