Yesterday was Madness Day...

2015-09-23 14:01:59 by ErnestoGod

Can't believe yesterday was Madness Day and once again I hadn't something prepared. I miss animating Madness, but... flash just got me bored so fuckin' hard. That doesn't mean that I forgot about my pending proyects as "Madness Latino"  but I found hard for me animating these days. Anyway! I want to say HI! and Happy Madness Day to all those creeps and bastards motherfuckers who have enjoyed this wonderful series all these years, thanks Krinkels for creating such sick piece of world as it's Madness Combat. :)

Stay mad, you fuckers! lml  (...old shitty image I've made few years ago)



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2015-09-23 14:15:37

Happy Madness Day cabron <3

ErnestoGod responds:

happy madness day too, you crazy bastard <3