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When this creature enters to play destroy all the goddamn permanents on the battlefield.

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Nice uwu

Hola Ernesto. Pues a mi me gustó la canción, no sabía te dedicabas a ello actualmente, pero está muy buena, excelente trabajo. Te buscaré en SoundCloud. ¡Saludos!

Daaayum! ¡Que de años, bro! Gracias me alegro que te gustara, la verdad que tengo años dedicándome un tanto a la música y al igual que lo era la animación es mi otro hobbie die-hard. Pero trataré de estar más pendiente por acá con varios proyectos pendientes :)

surprised to see you go from relaxed metalhead to relaxed chill dude. either way you're still enersto.

Haha! I still got some surprises over here, yet I can't never leave metal/rock which I love a lot, but music is an entire universe of possibilities and these past years has taught me a lot and what I do as Godspawn Reborn is a lot of experimentation, so I'm more than sure that I'll be working some pretty heavy stuff in the future :)

Such an ambient feel with that rain too... I like the industrial tone, and that framed in view... all really feels so cozy. Maybe I should go get a cup...

Have a nice coffe time there!

Thanks for the response btw! Totally agree, overworking things feels like the nemesis of progress. :) And sometimes it really turns out best on the first try. Especially in the past I feel like I really overworked the vocal effects on my work, but even now going back to recent tracks... I want to change them all over again. Or take away the filters I added. Perfection's such an impossible battle, just: practice and improvement, and the more you produce the better you get no matter how many times you remake those reps.

Way too right with that, there's also for fact that our ears change and re-adapt constantly to new sounds and our own likes change as well all along. That's way certain songs we hear 'em and remember them quite different than the first time we listen to them. #TheMoreWeAlreadyKnow

Welcome back, your just in time for MC11 :)

Incredibly awesome and totally unexpected that chapter!

good to see you safe and sound
i've heard you guys are going through rough times on venezuela

keep being awesome, also nice music

Thanks, bro! Yeah... incredibly awful over here, I'll be trying to leave the country this year but nothing for sure. However, still breathing, still fighting! haha!

#TheMoreWeAlreadyKnow indeed! :D Frequency loss overtime probably changes our perception a bit too... wonder if there's anything positive in that...