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2013-02-28 12:20:17 by ErnestoGod

Hello fellas! hoping that you enjoy my next proyect called "Godspawn Reborn" please listen, download and share my first EP under this name, you can find me on Facebook and Soundcloud, remember listen, enjoy and share! ;)


Godspawn Reborn - Shards of the Godspawn (EP)


Track list:

1. Some Scary Monster (Remix)
2. Shards of the Godspawn
3. Gatecrash Torment


Guess what?

2013-01-30 17:10:55 by ErnestoGod

I been busy :O fuck everybody who doesn't care about it, anyway, a new stressing year! happy new yor to everybuddy, thx 2 everywun 4 makin mah life special and wowsomglollmaorotflbbq!!!!!!!!1!!!!!11!1!one...

Plans for this year:

- Xticktion
- I'm Blue
- ML4-B

(Not sure if i'll finish all that stuff this year but i need to remember that shit everytime i visit this site) I don't even remember if i'm on any collab yet...



Here i'm gonna be uploading audio material about my band! hope you enjoy this!

- INHUMAN - Alma Atrapada
- INHUMAN - Expropiado

Guess what?

Some caramell moar...

2012-10-20 11:36:00 by ErnestoGod

For those who remember or watched Madness Caramell, after 3 o 4 years here is an old proyect, i've thought submit it on Madness Day but I couldn't :c so anyway... here is the thing:

Madness Caramell 2

Sorry if this is not what you has been expecting for but it's and old flash started on 2010, maybe not the best, maybe not the worst, but if someone enjoy it, that's enough for me! :)

Some caramell moar...

Happy Madness Day 2012 - Grinding the Caipirinha!

2012-09-22 13:32:50 by ErnestoGod

So here is my submittion for this Madness Day! hope you enjoy this flash! (+)


p.d: Send it to the Madness Day 2012 collection plz, i don't know how to do that...

Happy Madness Day 2012 - Grinding the Caipirinha!

Happy Birthday TO ME!! :3

2012-09-08 01:43:26 by ErnestoGod

So I just wanted to upload something for my birthday, so here is a little clip from 2010 I guess... HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! n__n

Axel vs. Ulf

Happy Birthday TO ME!! :3

ML4: Original Versions

2012-09-03 18:41:37 by ErnestoGod

So... what's up! :3 look at this my dudes!

ML4: (Original Versions)

ML4: Original Versions

Proyects and stuff...

2012-08-27 01:55:03 by ErnestoGod

Hoping this will be my list of pending stuff, my lasted submittion, "Robot Boy" is some kind of... little illustration gallery about the story called "Robot Boy" by Tim Burton. (just another experiment i guess...)

So anyway! nobody really cares about what i do, but!!! i'm not dead, and i'm still working on flash, here is my pending stuff:

- Some madness clips for collabs. (Madness Day and other collabs i guess...)
- Madness Caipirinha. (for Madness Day)
- I'm Blue. (IDK...)
- ML4-B (IDK, next year, that's for sure!)
- Xticktion. (Next year!)
- and some little surprises! ;)

I could finally get my ooooold stuff and FLA from my dead PC! :'D


2012-06-27 08:18:54 by ErnestoGod

Some little random post to write about my actual status of busyness.

REASON NUMBER 1: College...
REASON NUMBER 2 and 3: Look up for to the reason 1.

Other reasons are personal and shit xD anyway, sorry if i been so fucking, specially to those guys that I been on collabs with, i guess juanford and randomness :C dudes... sorry a lot haven't time to work on flash, too much work and that crap X__xU sorry u.u i'm trying to work actually on a little flash for Madness Day, but anyway, I expect to work on some little clip or clips for Djjaner's collab or something... idk.

Without anything else to say... FRENTE DE IRA! PISANDO EL CONCRETO!!! :3

Some works... maybe?

2012-04-09 08:19:28 by ErnestoGod

I'm being out from flash since I finished the NMC, so I guess is time to start working on something new... I don't know, but I guess I need some practice so... while I make some, I should start making new stuff, maybe another collab (not NMC2) or start to animate ML4-B? o.o?

I can't believe yet the thing about Edd Gould a.k.a EDDSWORLD i'm really sorry about it, but i don't want to believe something like that could happened...

He was a GRAND inspiration for me, his works really inspired me a lot in many of my draws, in some of my animations... I laught too many times with his stuff, I couldn't meet him, i'm sure it would be a total pleasure for me even chat with him only once, i feel so bad i couldn't had the chance, so that's why I don't want to believe this fact yet, but... if it's true (I hope all this is just some kind of cruel joke), I only can say this:

"Edd, I don't believe on anything after life, I don't even know if there's something but, wherever you are... you will be one of my biggest inspirations, a lot of respect to you, Buddy! thank you a lot for all those hours and minutes of laughts... :') Thank you a lot!"